Are You Weary?


Jennifer Shaw Music March 2011

Jennifer ShawIs it spring yet?  I'm feeling like it's time for new beginnings.  We've had one crazy winter, and I'm excited to see the sunshine.  

I've been writing a lot lately.  I've written some new songs looking ahead to working on a new album this fall, I've been editing our play for this year's Adventure Week, and I've started a book too.  I have so many people asking me for more information about my son, Toby, and his struggle with Sensory Processing Disorder that I've decided to write a book about our story, both with Toby and with my Dad's ALS and God's faithfulness through it all.  It's such a blessing to look back and see how God has been faithful, how He has changed my heart, how He has blessed my son even in his struggles.  He is an amazing God, and I find myself desiring to use all of my creativity to express it and praise Him.

I was on the road a lot this winter (you can see everything we were up to on my blog), mostly down in Florida and Georgia but also here in Ohio, and saw the Lord moving and working and it was tremendous.  I will confess, though, sometimes I get weary.  And I have talked to a lot of people in the last couple of months who are going through things that really make them weary.  I've been studying Isaiah this year, and there are such beautiful promises there, I wanted to share them (see below).  Especially as we're looking at new life in springtime, new beginnings, let's remember that God is the one who renews our strength when we're weary.  He always has everything we need!

I've got some wonderful events I'm really looking forward to coming up in the next several weeks in Michigan and Ohio (you can see my upcoming schedule here), and I'd love to see you there!  I'd also love to be a part of an event that you're planning - if you'd like to talk with us about it, just email us back, or fill out the booking form on our website.  We'd love to hear from you!  Thanks to all the people who shared this email last time - that helps my ministry more than you know!

In Christ, 


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Are You Weary?
God is the Everlasting God


Last week was really hard.  I was finishing up a really busy month with lots of events and ministry, and we were down in Florida.  I knew there were so many people at the events dealing with really difficult circumstances and I was praying that God would give me something to share that would really help them.  We also had hard news coming from so many directions on a personal level - my brother was in a car accident (he is fine), an older relative of ours died, we had very shocking news that a close family friend had died inexplicably in her sleep, and a friend of mine was desperately struggling with depression.  There are days that I am just weary with the weight of it all.   


But I have a very wise friend who reminded me that we are not meant to carry that weight.  We can't, we aren't designed for it, it will make us weary, it will make us fall.  But God is so much bigger.  God can absolutely carry it.  When we turn our troubles over to Him, not only does He carry it, but He renews us, He refreshes us, His gives us everything we need to carry on.  


I have seen this over and over in my life, and even last week - God gave me everything I needed to do what He has called me to do.  And He refreshed me and renewed me.  And He will do that for you.


I want to leave you with these words from Isaiah 40:28-31.  Let them sink in - they are stunning.  Realize who this God is who loves you and realize what He has promised you today.  Then accept it, and live in that truth.  He is the everlasting God!


Do you not know? 
   Have you not heard? 
The LORD is the everlasting God, 
   the Creator of the ends of the earth. 
He will not grow tired or weary, 
   and his understanding no one can fathom. 
He gives strength to the weary 
   and increases the power of the weak. 
Even youths grow tired and weary, 
   and young men stumble and fall; 
but those who hope in the LORD 
   will renew their strength. 
They will soar on wings like eagles; 
   they will run and not grow weary, 
   they will walk and not be faint.               

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