Adopting Again! Meet Our New Son!

Jennifer Shaw Ministries December, 2016 Update
Merry Christmas!
It's hard to believe that it's nearly Christmas, and in our family, it's an amazing time!  This will be Noah's first Christmas with us.  It's been so precious to go through the Christmas season through his eyes - he had never heard the story of the greatest gift ever given to the earth. Jesus, God Himself, put off heaven and came to the world humbly, all for love of us.
It's also an amazing time because we have been matched with another precious boy from China!  He just turned 8, and we will adopt him hopefully some time next summer (the paperwork is a long, long process!).  You can read all about that below and on my blog, and we would love your prayers!  We cannot wait to meet him!
One very fun thing that happened recently was that we just found out that my album, "Scripture Memory Songs for Kids and Families" was the Number One (!!) album on itunes - in Gambia.  Lol, we have no idea how that happened, but I beat Adele, Justin Bieber, Drake, it's amazing!  But what I love is that God's Word is going out!  That album is at my store, along with our Christmas Card CDs which have both been reduced in price, and we'd love to have you pick those up for the people in your life - all our sales right now are supporting our new adoption, so you can help us bring our new son home!
We've also had a lot of ministry this fall and are heading into a very busy spring.  I love it!  I would love to talk to you about how we can partner with you in ministry!  Please contact us here if there's a way we can work together. 
This time is so busy, but I don't want to miss the opportunity to encourage you to slow down, consider the real meaning of this season, and remember to thank God!  "For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life." (John 3:16).  That is the message of Christmas!  I can't wait to welcome the baby Jesus anew into our hearts and remember the most amazing love story ever told.
In Christ, 

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Adopting Again!
Picture at right: Our new son!  We cannot wait to meet him!
It's hard for me to believe that it was just about two years ago now that Nathan and I started talking seriously about adoption. At the beginning of our search, we were really open to going anywhere in the world. We were just praying. The one thing we both felt, though, was that we wanted to adopt older kids who would have difficulty being placed.
At first we were looking for a sibling pair. We felt it would be easier not to be the only child in your family who was adopted or a different ethnicity. We were actually looking for a healthy, older sibling pair in Uganda when I first saw Noah's posting. That's a beautiful story that you can read here, but the end of it was that we switched from looking for a healthy, older sibling pair in Africa, and instead adopted a very sick, single boy from Asia.
From the moment we decided to pursue Noah, we both felt he was not going to be the only one. Again, we feel like it would be very hard to be the only adopted kid in your family and we also had already prepared our hearts for more than one child. With Noah's heart situation and all the unknowns about his health and future, it wasn't practical to think about adopting two at once. But I knew that if his heart was still operable, we'd be moving forward fairly soon...
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Jennifer Shaw is a Telly Award winning speaker, author, singer, songwriter and five-time Top 40 Billboard artist. Her ministry has been featured by Focus on the Family, Insight for Living, FamilyLife Today, Autism Speaks, Joni and Friends, and many more. Her new book, Life Not Typical: How Special Needs Parenting Changed My Faith and My Song, has brought national attention to the issue of Sensory Processing Disorder.
After being classically trained as an opera singer at the prestigious Manhattan School of Music, Jennifer became a professor of music at Cedarville University before she felt led into her current role as a speaker and in contemporary Christian music. Her testimony includes tragedy and triumph, being both an adoptive parent and the parent of a special needs child, and losing her father to Lou Gehrig's disease. With the release of her fourth album, Someday, her songs offer hope in any circumstance and also reflect her recent experiences on the mission field in Asia, Africa, Central America and the UK.