Noah's heart surgery and ministry update

Jennifer Shaw Ministries June, 2016 Update
Some answers for Noah!
It's been 10 weeks now that we've been home with Noah, and it's been a wild ride!  Such a big adjustment for our family and for Noah!  It's gone very well overall, even with the harder things, and we've also gotten some answers for Noah about his heart and quite a few medical procedures have already happened. 
I've posted a big update of all that has happened on my blogand hope you'll check that out!  Also, Noah had his first heart procedure this past Tuesday and it went so well.  We've been waiting a year now to get answers to some major questions about his health, the biggest questions being, "is it too late to help him" and "are his lungs still okay?"  The answers we got this week were all best-case scenario, and I can't stop crying happy tears over here.  Noah is still a great candidate for the surgery he needs even though he has waited many years longer than he should have, and his lungs have no damage which is frankly a miracle.  God is so good!
Noah's been scheduled for open heart surgery this July and we would love your prayers for that!  Kids respond to this surgery very differently, so they can't give us a very specific timeframe, but kids are usually in the hospital afterward for 1-4 weeks.  They cannot "fix" his heart, but this will make his system much more efficient so that his heart will last longer and he will have a lot more oxygen available to his system which should make him feel so much better.
I cannot express how much we have appreciated the emails, the texts, the Facebook messages, the tweets, all telling us how you are holding our new son in your prayers!  It means more to me than I could ever say, and I see God's hand all over every moment!
Because we have a plan now for Noah's surgery, I also feel comfortable scheduling dates again for ministry and would love to be with you!  God has been teaching me so much and I am excited to share all that he has shown me!  Let me know if there's a way we can partner in ministry!
We will send another email when we go into surgery, and will keep everyone updated on my blogFacebook, and Twitter.  
For now, just for fun, don't miss my embarrassing and funny story from an event in Nebraska last month for the Salvation Army!
In Christ, 

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Noah Update - 2 Months Home
Picture at right: Noah recovering this week from his heart catheterization.  He was amazed and shocked and so excited that you could order food TO YOUR ROOM!  This blew his mind.  :)
I just have to start by apologizing for the long wait for an update on Noah – many of you have asked me, so I'm sorry to take so long. The truth is that there's a lot going on right now. Our family is adjusting so well, but it's still a big adjustment. I've had quite a few events lately to prep and give, and have been spending lots of time at Noah's school and getting him settled. My assistant, Donna, has been very sick again – her cancer has returned and is in her brain now (please keep her in your prayers, I love her so much!) which has been difficult both emotionally and for the ministry. We've been trying to get all of Noah's medical ducks in a row. Even my dog has been sick. None of it is overwhelming, and the Lord has been so good to us! But it is all time-consuming, and I've let this slide.
So, here's the run-down of what's been happening with Noah over the last 6 weeks or so since I gave my last update:
4/8-4/12 When I wrote last, I told you all...
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