Noah's heart surgery is tomorrow - love your prayers!

Jennifer Shaw Ministries July, 2016 Update
Noah's surgery is tomorrow morning!
This is it - Noah's open heart surgery is in the morning. I know so many of you are faithful praying people, and we will take all the prayer we can get! We are very nervous, but also feel God's peace which is a wonderful and very strange juxtaposition.
I just wrote a new blog post about Noah's surgery that explores God's love for us and also answers your most frequently asked questions about the surgery.  I've also decided to blog weekly, and you can see some of those posts here, including "Why Fried Rice is like Life in Christ" (complete with a semi recipe!) and "Who's Your Daddy?" about adoption and Father's Day.  Please check it out and comment and share!  It's always encouraging to know people are reading.  :)
I am also scheduling dates again for ministry and would love to be with you!  God has been teaching me so much and I am excited to share all that he has shown me!  Let me knowif there's a way we can partner in ministry!
We will attempt to keep everyone as updated as we cantomorrow and during the weekend on my Facebook, andTwitter, and you can look for a new blog about it next Tuesday or Wednesday.
I can't tell you how much we appreciate your prayers. This has been an incredible time of watching God work in our lives, and we are waiting with anticipation to see how He will use this very hard thing for His glory and to give Noah beauty for ashes (Is. 61:3).
In Christ, 

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How Can This Be God?
Picture at right: Our family enjoying a last opportunity to get away before Noah's surgery - we went with my whole side of the family up to Amish country for the Fourth of July weekend.
I've sat here all morning trying to figure out how to write about Noah's surgery tomorrow and our feelings about that. We were matched with Noah 14 months ago and prayed for him every single day. I memorized his videos and started to fall in love with him before we even met. We met Noah exactly four months ago tomorrow. He walked into our lives looking shell-shocked and a little terrified and we were a little terrified too. Now he's happy and laughing and this morning he told me that he loves his big family and America. This boy we had never met six months ago is my son. And I love him.
Tomorrow he's having open heart surgery. When I picture what they have to do to him, I feel sick to my stomach. I know this is necessary for him to live, and I know it's what's best for him, and yet the thought of him having to go through that makes me break out in a cold sweat. I trust God, and I know this is what Noah needs, and I just wish there was another way.
I wonder, is this just the smallest glimpse of God's feelings about sending His only Son to earth? He knew what was coming, and He knew that we would crucify His only Son. He knew it was what was best for us, that it was necessary for us to live, but I'm sure He wished there was another way....
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