Update from Jennifer Shaw Music


Subject: Update from Jennifer Shaw Music
Jennifer Shaw Music Newsletter Update
June 2009

Jennifer Shaw

Well, we're home from Kenya and the UK, and I have so much to share about the trip, it's hard to know where to start!  We've updated the blogwith all kinds of pictures and stories from the trip.  In addition, we just posted a new video slideshow (you can double click it to pop it out to full size) with an overview of what we did set to my new radio single "YourGreat Name" - you can hear the new song and visit two continents in only 4 minutes!!  :)

Since we've been home, I've also spent a good bit of time in Nashville, planning and writing songs for the new album.  I cannot wait for you all to hear the new songs.  Several of them are inspired by the things we saw on the trip, and I know that God will use them.

AND, my new play opened today!  Woohoo!  Every year I write a full-length children's play andmusic and we do it for my church's Adventure Week.  We had record numbers of children this morning which is always exciting, and had a great day learning that "God is Our Superhero - He has the power to save!"  You can see a couple of pictures from the first day on my blog as well, and I'm sure I'll post more later in the week.  I absolutely love helping kids to know that God loves them and wants to be in their lives - there is no greater privilege.

So, I hope you'll check it all out!  We've put so much of it on the site, I will just point you there with the links, and keep this short and sweet.  Please keep praying for us!  We want the new project to be exactly what God wants, and we are praying for clarity to know how God wants us to be further involved in the things we saw in the UK and Kenya.

Feel free to write back - we love to hear from you.  Have a wonderful rest of your June!

In Christ,