Promised Land

When God gave me you it took my whole world by surprise
Unexpected as the stars, beautiful as a sunrise
When God gave me you, when He gave me you

You said, "Come with me, we'll be together,
So take me by the hand.
Never leave me from this day. 
We're a team, you know it, darling,
You're my Promised Land.
Wherever you are is where I'll stay."

So when I made you mine, I told the whole world that "I do."
The sun was so bright that day it seemed to shine down right on you.
When I made you mine, when I made you mine.

Since that day, it's been a long time.
We've had our tears, things haven't always been fine.
But I know that whatever the future may be,
I'll have you darling, and you'll have me.

"Come with me..."

So as the years go by and our kids are grown,
We've a little more time for ourselves, our busy house is a quiet home,
I know I'll hear you say, I love to hear you say

©2004 Jennifer C. Shaw