A Christmas Song

Luke 2:1-20

To a town called Bethlehem,a 
journey far away.  They rested in 
the night, but they traveled long, 
hard days.  A young girl named 
Mary; enormous faith she'd shown.
Soon a child would be born in a 
place so far from home.

Alleluia!  With the angels sing 
Alleluia!  Sing praise to our 
baby King.

The hour soon drew nearer and 
then the star appeared.  The sky 
was filled with angels crying, 
"Listen and hear!  A great King 
has been born in the most unlikely 
place.  Follow the newest star -
leave now - make haste!"

The heavens will guide you to this 
lowly place.  Kneel before the 
manger; gaze into His face.  For 
God loved us so much His greatest 
gift would be Jesus, Emmanuel, 
a Savior for you and me.

©2004 Jennifer C. Shaw