Be His Hands

Matthew 5:14-16, Romans 12:1-8, 1 Peter 4:8-11

What a dream I've had. I saw the 
people of the world living as one.
They were holding hands, yeah, 
and living in love.  This dream 
can't come true in this life, it's 
cruel.  But we are meant to be the 
light shining out, speaking truth.

Let's spread peace, let's bring joy, 
let's show love, let's give hope.  
Help those in pain, those who are 
lost, let's change the world, let's 
change the world-
Let's be His hands.

I woke from my dream, and saw 
the people of the world in so much 
need.  They were crying out, hey, 
in their poverty.  Lord, there's too 
much. What could possibly be 
done?  Oh, child, just listen for 
My voice, and then you start by 
helping one.

And I, I am a single drop, but I'll 
do the best I can for my one.
But we, if we're together, we 
are an ocean, we are a flood.
Let's be His hands.

So I hold my dream of all the 
people in the world in harmony-
We're all singing out, yeah, 
telling Your majesty.

©2007 Jennifer C. Shaw