Beauty from Pain

Isaiah 61:1-3

With a wounded heart, I run to the 
dark and hide.  I think there's safety 
there, but it's only dark inside.  
Now I'm all alone.  Don't want to 
do this anymore.  So I whisper in 
the dark, "Can you find me here, 
oh, Lord?"

And I see the Light piercing 
through my dark, seeking out 
shadows, healing me.  I see the 
Light shining through the rain,
Cast by that prism, making 
beauty from pain.

Is it possible?  Can this really 
all be true?  It's not a prison then, 
and the answer's found in You.

You are the Light... 

And now I stand in awe of You, 
transformer of my heart, faithful 
and true.  And now I live my life 
singing praises to Your name, 
living in mercy, living in faith.

So now I lift my face, bathe it in the
warmth of the sun, basking in the
grace lavished on me by the One.

Who is the Light... 

You are the Light.  Set my soul 
aflame.  Catching the night on fire, 
set it ablaze.  So now I lift my face, 
bask in the grace of the Son.

©2006 Jennifer C. Shaw