John 14:1-6

Goodbye.  The world is not a 
better place.  You've torn an empty, 
aching space in my heart.  Goodbye.  
I know that now your pain is done.
Your life in heaven's just begun, 
but I'm still here.

Sorry for your loss, just give it 
time.  He's in a better place, yes, 
but the loss still is mine.  Can you 
hear those church bells chime?  
Marking the march of time, 
oh, the march of time.

He was a godly man who loved 
the Lord.  But no matter the 
strength of his love, his God loved 
him more.  And He held him 
through the storm, across to the 
other shore, oh, the other shore.

But we don't live like the rest of 
the world - we know that this is 
not the end.  So though I'll grieve 
your loss to my soul, I know I'll 
see you again.

So not goodbye.  For those who 
love the Lord it's true.  He's 
prepared a place for you, and for 
me too.  So not goodbye, no, 
'cause I'll see you on the other side.
And there your arms will open 
wide and I'll run in.

I love you.  I'll miss you.  But I'll 
see you again.  This parting is not 
forever.  Godspeed, my friend.  

©2006 Jennifer C. Shaw