We'll Be Together

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Nothing is right here without you.
I feel I'm missing a piece of my 
soul.  You're hiding around every 
corner but when I look you are 

They say this won't last forever.
They tell me the hurt will fade.
Well, that's not much to hold onto,
So until then I'm gonna say,
We'll be together not for this 
lifetime but for more.  We'll be 
together singing praises to our 
Lord.  We'll be together and 
when I see you I will run.  We'll 
be together spending eternity 
in the sun.  We'll be together.

So I continue to breathe without 
you.  Somehow I live with this 
hole in my heart.  'Cause I have a 
hope that's stronger, and someday, 
love, we won't be apart.

©2007 Jennifer C. Shaw