Porch Swing

Words and Music by Jennifer Shaw
From Revelation 21:3-5
Dear, dear one, I don't want to leave
Dear, dear one, I'd rather stay.
But when we love the Lord, there are no goodbyes
So someday soon, you'll hear me say:

Come sit on my porch swing; it's been a little while
It's so good to see you, you know I've missed your smile
We'll have no shortage of time, time has ceased to be
So come sit on my porch swing in heaven with me.

Dear, dear one, you are not alone
No, my dear, dear one, despite how it seems
'Cause God is with you now, and He'll lead you home
And on that day, you'll be here with me.

No more death, no more crying
No more tears on that day
No more pain, no more sighing
No more tears. He's wiped them all away.

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