Goodbye, Florida, hello Georgia and home

First Presbyterian, St. Petersburg, FL

With Ron Maxwell at Moody Radio Florida

My mom on air with Terry at WAFT

With Terry and Sherrie at WAFT

Some of the amazing deserts at the Marietta Diner

This week has been amazingly busy. My family flew home last Saturday with my brother which always makes me sad. Then my mom and I headed back over to my grandma’s to see her and to be with First Presbyterian in St. Petersburg.

Sunday morning I did special music on all three of their services, and then gave a concert that afternoon at 3. What a warm church – I really enjoyed getting to know their people, especially the band which opened for the concert that afternoon. I had a great time, but it wasn’t until I sat down that night that I realized how tired I was!

The next morning I headed out early again to be on the morning show at Moody Radio Florida. I was on with Ron Maxwell, and he was just a wonderful guy. He’s been friends with my radio promoter for years, so I was expecting him to be great, and he definitely made me feel welcome. Had a great time, and even got to send a shout-out to my family in Florida and to my friends Ralph and Nancy who I knew were listening down in Bonita Springs. They were thrilled. 🙂

We headed over the next day to visit some friends we hadn’t seen in a while in Vero Beach, and then the next day drove up to Valdosta, GA. We have a dear friend here too (isn’t it great to have people scattered all over the country? Lots of people to love) who used to go to our church before moving down here. It was great to catch up with her!

The next morning mom and I went to WAFT in Valdosta to be on their morning show. Turned out to be a girls morning since all the men were at some convention, so mom and I hung out with Terry and Sherrie and chatted the morning away. It was a lot of fun – this station has supported my ministry for years, and I appreciate them so much!

After that, mom and I started the very long trip home. I get very tired of chain restaurants, so as you may have seen, we try to hit local places and often try at least one Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives every trip. This time we went to the Marietta Diner, and it was pretty good, but the deserts were just incredible. Why is it always the deserts?!

After eating too many things, we trekked as fast as we could home. My personal goal was to be home before midnight and I dropped mom off and pulled into my driveway at, yes!, 11:58. Pretty good. I’m glad to have a day off because this weekend I’m teaching at Cedarville University’s Worship 4:24 Conference, and I’m going to need to catch up my sleep a little!

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