New CD is out!!


Subject: New CD is out!!
Jennifer Shaw Music Newsletter
January, 2010
Jennifer Shaw
Well, it's official tomorrow - the new CD, Love Broke Through, is out!  I've been traveling all over the place lately promoting it, and I am so excited to see what God will do!

This morning I was on WHIF in Palatka, FL for their morning show after doing a concert last night at Peniel Baptist Church - what a wonderful group of people!  If you're getting this for the first time after that concert, thanks for being wonderfully warm and hospitable!  

I've been in Florida for the last couple of weeks doing concerts and interviews, and also got to shoot 3 TV shows for CTN (Christian Television Network).  We're headed up to Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, and Toronto, Canada after this, and it is just fun to see God opening doors for the new music!

Our song God Loved the World has had especially exciting news.  It's already been picked up by Lifeway to be included in their Christmas musical for 2010, and has also been chosen as the featured worship song for the national pastor's conference for the Covenant denomination this month.  This song is the gospel, and I can't thank God enough for getting it out there - I hope we see churches singing this song based on John 3:16-17 together all over the country!  You can hear a clip of it in my store.

There are also fun things happening with our website - we've had a total redesign, and after three years of trying, we have FINALLY gotten the domain name  Yea!!  We're working on switching things over, and will keep as well, but now you can find us both ways.  Check out the new site, and let us know what you think!  We always love to hear from you.

I'd love to partner with you in ministry!  If you have a women's event or retreat, or a concert or guest worship opportunity coming up, please let me know - I'd love to work with you.  It strikes me again and again how fortunate I am to be able to do what I love for the glory of God, and I want to share Him everywhere I go - to God be the glory!

Well, that's about it for January.  Thank you so much for being part of this adventure with us!  Don't forget to give every single day to God, and see what He will do!

In Christ, 


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Upcoming Events
Come and see me on the road!

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Jan 26 6:30pmThe Rock - WECC 
St. Mary's, GA
Jan 27 2pm Taping for WATC - "Atlanta Live" TV show 
Atlanta, GA 

Jan 27 3pm Taping for WATC - "Friends and Neighbors" TV show 
Atlanta, GA 

Jan 28th Morning radio show
Toccoa, GA

Jan 28th Evening radio show
Johnson City, TN

Jan 30 7pm St. Luke's Women's Retreat  Mansfield, OH

Feb 6 8pm Private event 
Columbus, OH
Feb 13 7pm Concert
Sanibel, FL 
Feb 14 10am Worship service 
Naples, FL

Feb 14 7pm Private event 
Vero Beach, FL 

Feb 20 7pm Concert 
Farmington Hills, MI 

Feb 21 9:30am Worship Service  Farmington Hills, MI 

Feb 21 11am Worship Service 
Farmington Hills, MI 

Feb 22 9am Appearance on TV show "100 Huntley Street" 
Toronto, Canada 

Feb 26 6pm Women's retreat 
Powell, OH 

Feb 27 9am Women's retreat
Powell, OH

Mar 25 6:30pm Women's event  
Ft. Myers, FL 

Mar 27 7pm Private event  
Bonita Springs, FL 

Mar 28 9am Worship service
Bonita Springs, FL 

Mar 28 11am Worship service
Bonita Springs, FL 

Mar 28 3pm Concert
Bonita Springs, FL 

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