Cleobury Mortimer

Cleobury Mortimer on the hill

Some of the Young Life staff working on one of the service projects – a new sidewalk

Well, it’s not the most poetic name I’ve ever heard, but the town is beautiful.

We’re here at the staff work weekend for Young Life UK. This morning I led worship, we took some pictures, and then Nathan and Rinnah worked on the service project while I put Toby down for a nap and did school with Rachel. Then we went down the hill to see Cleobury Mortimer, and I gave a little concert this evening.

Driving here has been very interesting. Staying on the left isn’t the half of it. It’s staying on the left while sitting on the opposite side of the car so all the proportions are different, in a rental you don’t know, on extremely narrow streets that people just park on randomly, and then playing chicken with (and yes, this happened today) an oncoming bus. When we managed not to wreck our car, the parked cars, the 500 year old building on the side of us, or the bus, Nathan said cheerfully, “Well, we’re all still alive!” but apparently the kids were pretty spooked. Rachel yelled, “Dad, I wish I knew your middle name!!” I guess she knows what is said when someone’s in trouble. 🙂

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  1. Carol says:

    Very interesting. We hope you are able to keep on blogging. We are still at home with car trouble. Will leave tomorrow on our little trip. Love, Mom & Dad

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well…off you all go…and now you all in in the midst of it! May God’s Spirit continue to preserve and provide and protect you all with whatever may come while yall are busy doing the work of the ministry! Congratulations for following the call of Christ. I’ll be staying tuned to learn more about what yall are doing and experiencing.

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