Yep, that’s what I said – flaming trebuchet, baby!!

Me and Mike Rimmer

Yes, that is a ball of fire about to be flung by an eleven ton trebuchet.

Well, today has been interesting. We spent the last night at camp, had breakfast with the Young Life staff and left. What wonderful people we met – God’s family is everywhere.

Then we headed into Birmingham and I did a radio interview with Mike Rimmer who’s with Cross Rhythms, Gospel Link and the BBC. I had a wonderful time meeting him and doing the interview. It was amazing since we missed each other repeatedly at GMA, and then to find myself only a few miles from him in the UK was pretty incredible.

Then we headed to Warwick Castle with the kids and it was all pretty fun
(and a little mindblowing that some of it is from the 11th century), but I have to say, the best part for the guys in our party was definitely the end. They have the largest trebuchet in the world, and the shot a ball of flame from it down along the river. We hardly ever see that in Columbus!

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