A typical day

A one-lane road through the beautiful Cotswolds

A recovered fourth century Roman mosaic

It’s spring!

At the gate of St. Peter and St. Paul

Road in Northleach

Well, we’re taking a couple of days off as a family before heading for some intense ministry time in Kenya, so not a lot to talk about today, but I’ll share a couple of pictures.

I also had a talk with Randy Nickel who has had a huge hand in training Young Life leaders in Kenya about the area, and we are going to try and connect with some of them either in Nairobi or Mombasa or both to hear more about what’s happening there, and possibly do some ministry with them while we’re there.

Today we saw a Roman ruin from the fourth century, took tea, ate chocolate covered marzipan (and no, it doesn’t get better than that, my friends) and walked and drove through some amazing little towns in the Cotswolds in England. Way cool family time!

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