On to Mombasa

These monkeys kept trying to break into our tent. They’re like squirrels here – everywhere.

Pictures from Masai Mara

Well, I’m sitting here at Mayfield, the guest house for Africa Inland Mission in Nairobi. We flew in this morning from Masai Mara into Wilson airport, and we have to fly out tonight from Jomo Kenyatta airport on the other side of the city. Donna and Wally Coots, our hosts at RVA, set us up here so we would have a place to crash and catch up while we waited for our flights.

We’ve spent the last couple days on a little family safari, and it was amazing. God totally provided for us, as the driver we were using last week, Elisha (who is such a wonderful man of God) also sets up travel for people, and was able to get us in a wonderful place for a lot less money. We’ve spent the last couple of nights sleeping in tents listening to the tree hyraxes (who, by the way, scream from 9-10 pm every night and from 5-6 am every morning) and the monkeys. During the days, we went on safari drives in Masai Mara, and it was incredible – we saw lions literally feet away, cheetahs hunting, huge groups of giraffes, troops of baboons, elephant families, it really takes your breath away to see the creativity of our God. I had to remind myself several times that we were actually here.

This afternoon we had a meeting with James Kamu who coordinates Young Life for Kenya. We were so encouraged to hear what the Lord is doing here through their ministry, and it’s so needed. A lot of the work they do here in Nairobi is in the slums, and the Lord is using them in such an incredible way. Please pray for them, for their ministry and their funding (we have really seen that many of these communities could never support a ministry like that, but it is so very necessary). Also pray that the Lord will lift up leaders for them – He is expanding their ministry in wonderful ways and so quickly, and they need leaders to grow it.

Tonight we’re flying into Mombasa. We’re doing some ministry with a feeding program through the church that I am singing at this week, and also working with World Vision and meeting our sponsored child – I can’t wait!

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