Pictures from two schools/feeding programs we visited in Mombasa

Outside our sponsored child’s home

Receiving a gift from our sponsored child, Abassa

Our girls with the children in Abassa’s village

Nathan and Abassa

Saying goodbye.

Today was an incredible day. We went up the coast, past Malindi and into the Golbanti region to meet one of our World Vision children, Abassa. We had no idea what to expect, but this wasn’t it.

After meeting the staff from the Golbanti project (which supports 3000 children currently), we went to Abassa’s village. He is from the Orma tribe, and I didn’t realize until we got there that this was a completely traditional village. We got to go inside a couple of the houses which are woven entirely from grass and they sang for us as well.

The best part, though, was driving up to the village, and seeing him out front. We have his picture on the fridge, and have been praying from him every day for almost 10 years. It was absolutely incredible to get to meet him. He’s sixteen now, and his English is pretty good, so we were able to communicate well – this was something we didn’t know beforehand either.

Yesterday was also wonderful. I went to two different schools that were started by the couple who are hosting us here in Mombasa. They started as feeding programs, and each serve about 220 kids. Now they’ve grown into schools that serve preschool through 2nd grade. They’ll add a year every year until they get to 8th grade, so they can keep these kids all through primary school.

I got to sing with the kids, but my favorite part was when they sang for me – it was so sweet. I was so impressed with the work that they were doing, and I loved meeting the children.

One fun note – yesterday evening we went out to the beach for just a bit. We just wanted to touch the Indian Ocean. It may sound trite, but I never thought I’d get to see that ocean. God is good!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow! One day at a time, one song at a time, one child at a time…all done in your Father’s Strength. He has certainly done so much through your family, and is doing so much IN your family. Can’t wait to hear more, though I’m sure you’ll never be able to contain it all in words!

    Even so, you’ve done a beautiful job on your blogs…Jenny, in sharing it with those of us who are praying for you. We want our hearts to be broken too.

    Love you! Tia

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