radio play

I’ve been getting some more radio play, both on the indieheaven radio chart, and at The Spirit Radio. On indieheaven, my song “Let There Be Light” is now up to #15, which is great, and on TSR, both “Let There Be Light” and “Be Still” are in rotation and have consistently made it into the day’s Top Ten! Thanks to everyone who’s been going and rating me, and feel free to keep it up!

I went to the studio last week and recorded a new song called “Godspeed”. I was really pleased with the way it came out, but it was very hard to do as it’s for my dad, and things really aren’t looking good. For more information on that, please click on “story”. We (my whole family) would really appreciate your prayers – it’s been a very hard time for all of us. Please pray specifically for relief for my dad from the pain, and for my mom. Thanks.

I’ll be booking more performance dates starting in the fall. Please let me know if there’s any opportunity for me to minister near you. Thanks for checking out my page, and visit often!

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