Joni and Friends and New Hope Church

Worship at New Hope

I'm the green and tan dot at the piano. 🙂

I had a great weekend this weekend. I got to do two really fun ministry things, and they were both in my home city, so I got to do all that while hanging out with my family too.

On Saturday I went to a training day for Joni and Friends speakers. They were going to use the “Your Child” video in the conference, and since they knew I was local, they asked me if I would walk in at the end of the video as a surprise and share our family’s story for a bit. It was great to meet some of the people at Joni and Friends whose voices I know from the phone! It was also great to share with these people who are passionate about the rights of people with disabilities and to raise awareness for Sensory Processing Disorder.

Sunday morning, I went to New Hope Church, a church I’ve been with many times, to guest lead the worship on their services and do a little special music and presentation. This was really fun for me because their choir had learned the choir version of my song “God Loved the World” when they found out I was coming. We got to do the song with the choir and an 8 piece band, and that was pretty great for me! It was also just fun to catch up with all the people we know over there – so many friends, and their pastor, Steve, along with my dad married my husband and I.

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