Encounter church and 1st at States!

My daughter shooting - in the middle in the blue shirt with the bun

Their team takes #1!

Speaking at the event for Encounter Church

Fun weekend, this. On Friday, I spent pretty much the whole day at Vets Memorial downtown (Columbus, that is) where they were holding the state tournament for archery. Little disconcerting to be in a room with that many armed children. My daughter’s team made it in, and then, drumroll, please – won the whole thing! Yeppers, we were first in the State! And, the part that was completely hilarious to me was that they made the tournament part of the Arnold Classic. You know, that humongous bodybuilding competition that descends on Columbus every year headed up by none other than Mr Universe/Governor Ah-nold himself. There are people all over Columbus for the entire weekend who are physically unable to put their arms down. Pretty fun people watching to be sure. And my daughter was in this competition, so that means that officially, my little 60 some pound pumpkin not only has deadly aim, but has also competed in the Arnold Classic! She will never live that down.

AND, not just that, but Arnold himself came to the awards ceremony, and despite 6 bodyguards in front and 6 in back (and I ask you – who do you get for a bodyguard who can look remotely threatening at the Arnold Classic?!) she still managed to touch him. Yep. Apparently that was her goal. We are so proud. And glad she wasn’t arrested. So much for his bodyguards, eh?

Then Saturday morning, for something completely different, I did a women’s ministry event for Encounter Church in Dublin, OH. They are a relatively new church plant, and growing quickly and doing some really amazing things for God! I did a ministry presentation, and we had such great feedback – people wanting more information on how to have a relationship with Jesus, and even one woman who was coming out of a hard lifestyle situation telling us that God had answered her questions personally through my ministry. She was so touched that God cared enough to answer her specific questions. It was a really moving day – thanks for having me!

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