Powell United Methodist

Teaching at Powell UMC

This weekend I got to do a one-day women’s retreat for Powell United Methodist Church. We were talking about being transformed to be usable by God, and we really had a beautiful day. This event was only about 20 minutes from my house, and that is always a blessing for me to be so close to home. It had the added bonus of meaning that I knew several of the women there, which is always fun. One special thing for me was that it was organized by Nancy Grandstaff, who just happens to be the psychologist who qualified Toby for services when he was 3, and also is the grandmother of Reese, one of the kids who’s featured in my “Your Child” video. Theirs is a very special family!

Thanks for having me, God did great things that day, and I am looking forward to hearing all of them someday when I get to heaven. 🙂

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