"God Loved the World" taking over the world. :)

Well, it’s been a pretty exciting couple of weeks for my song, “God Loved the World”! Last week it was featured at the national pastor’s convention for the Covenant Denomination as one of two new worship songs sent to all the Covenant churches. So fun! Today, I got the rough mix of the choral version from Lifeway – they are using the song as part of their new Christmas musical going to over 9,000 churches!

I am just amazed at how God is opening doors for this song, but I certainly couldn’t pick a song I’d rather have this happen to. It’s the gospel in 4 minutes, and I’m thrilled that it’s getting out there!!

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  1. Rev. Jeffrey Jones says:

    Hi Jennifer. I received your song ona cd at the Covenant Midwinter and the download with chords. I was wondering i fyou have actual sheet music. Your music was very well received at our small churhc in Northern in Minnesota. I played the CD in worship and we sang along with it actually more than a few times. One person said it was the most moving song she has heard in many years. Our worship team would like to learn it but they really need the notes more than just the chords. If you have any of this available, could you please email me. Thanks again for your ministry.

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