Life Point and First Baptist

Speaking at Life Point Church's Fall Women's Brunch

Back at First Baptist in Kingsville

Had a pretty busy week again. I have a few weeks off now, and I’m pretty happy about it, really. I love what I do more than I can say, but I’m pretty tired at this point, and it won’t be bad to have a little time to catch up!

The kids had a good first week of school. A couple of bumps, but overall good. However, as mom, I felt the need to worry way too much (I should have Matt. 6:25-27 tattooed on me somewhere). Then this weekend I got to do two events. It was actually good to have some events to prep to take my mind off all the school stuff!

Saturday I was with the women from Life Point Church up in Lewis Center, OH, just north of Columbus. The pastor’s wife was organizing this event, and she and I have talked before – she’s just lovely. We had a great luncheon and I did a program afterward. Nathan came with me to run the tech this time, and it’s always fun to watch him be the only guy in the room. 🙂

Then I went home and repacked and mom and I headed up to Kingsville, OH, about 45 minutes east of Cleveland. We spent the night and then got up in the morning to do the services at First Baptist. This is such a great church. They are one of the first churches to ever have me in, and I’ve been there many times now – they are just special and wonderful people. Their church has a wonderful ministry to people with disabilities which I so appreciate. And mom and I got to stay with Miss Evelyn again, and there is not a kinder hostess anywhere!

Nathan had to fly to Seattle for business that afternoon, so mom and I ran home so the kids would have at least one parent! Sometimes the schedule gets crazy. Now off to prep the women’s retreat I have coming up, but it’s not for a few weeks, so there should be some time to breathe. 🙂

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