Women’s Oasis Event and back to Nashville

Speaking at the Women's Oasis event

Last night was a pretty incredible evening. I got to do the annual Women’s Oasis event at Upper Arlington Lutheran Church here in Columbus (Mill Run Campus). I’ve had a long history with this church personally, and really, there’s even been a history with my family. This was one of the first churches to support my dad when my parents moved here to Columbus to start Young Life. I’ve done a guest worship stint here, and also a benefit concert for Young Life. I’ve also worked with another songwriter who goes here and does projects for them, so there are all kinds of connections.

This is an outreach event they do every year, and this years theme was “Hope When Life Unravels.” They had a beautiful banquet and then I had about an hour to speak and sing. What a privilege to get to share the Gospel! And what a precious team they had working on it as well! Those women worked incredibly hard and it showed – the evening went so smoothly. Thanks for having me! Can’t wait to do something with you all again.

I’m headed out this weekend again for Nashville to do some of the recording sessions and also to record all my vocals for the new Christmas project, so we’d love prayers for health and safety, and no one giving me a cold on the plane! 🙂

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