Community Wesleyan and a new video

At Community Wesleyan's women's event

Last night I had a great time with the women at Community Wesleyan Church in Newark, OH, but it sure didn’t look like it would go down like that! When we got there, we started the sound check and nothing was working. I mean, nothing. That is very unusual, and I don’t usually worry too much about it for the first hour, because it pretty much always gets worked out (we usually allow 2 hours before the start of an event for the sound check). However, after an hour, I was getting nervous. They tried all our backup files, nothing. Then they brought in another tech person, nothing. Then they tried another computer thinking theirs had finally died. We had video then, but no sound. No sound is not good for a concert. So at that point, I was rewriting my whole presentation in my head, thinking through what I could do if I went from an hour of music and speaking to just an hour of speaking. The meal started and about 10 minutes before I went on, the tech came down and told me they had gotten everything working on a third computer. Crazy! By the time I went on, I don’t think the women had any idea any of it had happened. And we had such a great night of ministry! God is such the Redeemer of every situation.

Also just wanted to post a new video we put together. This is edited from one of my live shows, our famous Kenyan baby clothes story! Hope you enjoy it – you can check it out here.

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