Weekend with God in Amish country

The view from our hotel room - can you say peace??

The parking lot. Loving the sign for buggy parking only.

You may or may not know that Ohio is actually the home to the largest population of Amish anywhere in the world. We live in Columbus, a city of about 2 million people right in the center of the state, and here, you would never know it, but if you drive a couple of hours north and east of here, you really have to start driving slowly because you will come around a bend and run a buggy off the road.

This past weekend I did a women’s conference in Walnut Creek, a very Amish town, and it was such a wonderful getaway with the Lord! It was hosted by Northampton Bible Church which is closer to the Cleveland area. My mom and I drove up and got there at just the time school was letting out, so we had to drive very carefully as there were buggies, walkers, and bicyclists everywhere! I love getting up there – it truly is so peaceful, and the food is outstanding. My kids go to camp very near here, and so we can tell you all our favorite bakeries. 🙂

I taught on learning to be yielded to God’s plan in your life. I love how God never stops teaching us, and that is one of the lessons I am most grateful for because I wouldn’t be doing any of what I’m doing today if He hadn’t taught me that. And it’s also a lesson I need to remember every single day and choose to follow. We had such a wonderful time getting to know the ladies, and look forward to getting to be back here soon!

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