CTVN – Focus 4

Today I had a great opportunity to go to the old stomping grounds of my parents.  I was on the show “Focus 4” at CTVN, which is just outside of Pittsburgh.  My parents met at U. of Pitt, and I went there a lot as a kid.  Young Life moved my dad to Columbus, OH, but it never took the Pittsburgh out of him, and my brothers latched onto that – in my house, not rooting for ANY Pittsburgh team meant getting beaten up by your brothers.  In a loving way, of course!  🙂

So imagine my surprise when I get to the show and realize that the other guest is the owner of both the Pirates and the Penguins!!  My brothers would have loved to be there.  And, thanks to them, I didn’t have to look TOO stupid!

Had a great time with Ron and Cathy on the show, we had an interview and I did 3 songs.  Can’t wait to go back!  Just a very warm, friendly place there, and I love their heart for ministry.

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