Lakeside Retreat and Old Fort Church

At Old Fort Church

At Old Fort Church

This past weekend was a lot of fun and beautiful too! I was up at Lakeside Chatauqua in Ohio with the women from Northside Christian Church to do their women’s retreat. It was such a fun group because they are a smaller church and had done this together for years. There were so many solid friendships and it was just a pleasure to get to know them. It’s not a bad setting either! Lakeside is just beautiful and super quirky as well. The houses are historic and it’s so fun just to walk around and see all the different styles and the beautiful lake! We had a great time learning about the life of Peter together. Apparently I forgot to take pictures there – so sad because it was gorgeous!

On Sunday morning my mom and I got up really early and left for Old Fort Church in Tiffin, OH. Their music director, Mike, has done sound for me on a couple of women’s retreats up in that area, and when I told him I was going to be at Lakeside, he invited me to do some guest worship and music on their morning services. It was a God appointment morning, really. This congregation just had some extremely sad and difficult news, and I had planned to sing “Someday” which was pretty spot on for what they were going through. I’m so glad I got to bring a little encouragement from the Lord and I am praying for that whole situation – it’s tough.

This weekend was contrasts for me – one beautiful and fun event, and one deep and hard event, but both places it was so clear that God was working. I love that He lets me come along for the ride!

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