Genoa Women’s Retreat

Some of the over 100 clocks Christine used to decorate

Some of the over 100 clocks Christine used to decorate

Presenting "For Such a Time as This"

Presenting “For Such a Time as This”

This past Saturday I got to present the life of Esther at Genoa Church’s women’s retreat in Westerville, OH just north of Columbus. It was such a great group of ladies, and I so enjoyed working with Amy and Christine who were organizing the whole event.

I call it “For Such a Time as This – A Study on the Life of Esther” and Christine went and found over 100 clocks and had them placed all around the room! They were centerpieces and hung on the wall and on stands and at the tables – it was pretty amazing. I so love sharing the Bible with people, and the history behind the stories which takes the people from characters you can read about impersonally to real people who lived and made mistakes and heroic decisions and everything in between. When we see the people in the Bible as real people, we can learn so much from their lives! Esther is one of my favorite, and I’m so glad they gave me the chance to share it!

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  1. mary says:

    I was at the Genoa Retreat and it was just amazing! You could just feel the Lord blessing all of us. Esther was the best! I have never heard that book of the Bible told in the way that you did. And, your singing is unbelievable. Wish you all the best in the work that you do.

  2. jennifer says:

    Thank you so much, Mary! I had a wonderful time with you all – I love Esther too, and love sharing her story! She’s inspiring. 🙂

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