Christmas Eve Service at Liberty

The gorgeous sanctuary inside "The Barn Church" - Liberty Presbyterian

The gorgeous sanctuary inside The Barn Church – Liberty Presbyterian

Yep, I'm in there somewhere with all those poinsettias!

Yep, I’m in there somewhere with all those poinsettias!

Okay, I admit this is a few days late – we had this thing called Christmas, went to Michigan to have Christmas with the in-laws, came home, remodeled a laundry room and half bath, and had New Year’s. Nothing like taking it easy over break!

Just wanted to say Happy New Year and post these pictures of Liberty Presbyterian Church. I got to sing there on Christmas Eve, and it was one of the prettiest churches I’ve ever been in. They call it the Barn Church because the original building is historic and tiny, and they weren’t allowed to add on to it, so they built a new sanctuary off the huge barn on the property. It’s a pretty amazing space inside, and the had a small orchestra, two 7 foot grands, a band, and even a hammer dulcimer player. Truly a beautiful candlelight service, and I was so glad I got to be there!

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