Weekend on Science Hill

At Science Hill Community Church

At Science Hill Community Church

I just got back from a packed weekend in Northeast Ohio. I did a concert on Friday night, and women’s retreat on Saturday, and then worship service on Sunday for a church called Science Hill Community Church. I asked the pastor about the name because I’d heard the church was located “on Science Hill”, and I wondered if there used to be a lab or a university or something – I was curious about the name. Well, it turns out that when the Mennonites came a long time ago, they called it “Zion’s Hill” but their accent was so thick people thought they were calling it “Science Hill” and the name just stuck. Hilarious! Apparently there’s never been anything remotely science related there.

I had a great time with them. It was such a warm congregation, and I especially loved getting to know the pastor and his wife and our host, Marilyn. Just lovely people. The coordinator, Lori, worked so hard to make everything beautiful, and it was fun to see her plan come together.

Thanks for having me!

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