Fixing Toilets for Jesus…

At Kent Christian Life Center speaking at their women's brunch

At Kent Christian Life Center speaking at their women’s brunch

Speaking at The Crossing Community Church

Speaking at The Crossing Community Church

Just got back from another weekend of ministry, and fixed my first toilet for Jesus. 🙂 Seriously, funny story, I was actually staying at the pastor’s house and we had noticed overnight that the toilet was dripping on the floor a bit. The pastor left early because the men were serving the brunch, and I noticed that the leak had gotten a lot worse – something in the supply line let go or something and I thought they were going to flood their bathroom during the brunch so I turned off the line and drained the tank. When I told Cheryl, the women’s ministry director and pastor’s wife, she was so embarrassed that I would do that and then when she introduced me, she said, “Jennifer Shaw is FULL-SERVICE. She does worship, she speaks, she writes songs and books, and this morning she fixed my toilet.” Hilarious! I’m sure one day God will show me how to use that as a sermon illustration…

Anyway, it was a lovely brunch at Kent Christian Life Center and so good to meet everyone there. The pastor and his wife were wonderful, and we had a great time with them.

The next day I was back in my hometown of Columbus and did the entire morning service for The Crossing Community Church in Hilliard. I was there last year, and it was great to be back! They have a wonderful heart for missions and also for the special needs community, two things that are very near and dear to my heart. So overall, a great weekend with new friends and old.

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