Article in Crosswalk and Christmas special

Hey, all, quick post – we’re doing a Christmas special to support our adoption of Noah. Our Christmas card CDs are marked way down to $35 for 10 which is less than you might pay for a regular card in the store and these have a 3-song Christmas CD tucked inside! Also, for every physical order of a full-length CD or book this Christmas, we’re going to send you a free Christmas CD! And if you download an album, we’ll send you a free download of my Christmas single “Christmas is Forever.” So head over to the store and help us get Noah home!

Speaking of my Christmas single, it’s been really fun to see how many stations have picked that up this Christmas season – we’re on about 60 stations right now that we know of. Feel free to call your station and request the song – that helps more than you know!

And I also had an article come out in this week called “5 Ways to Put the Spirit of Thanksgiving Into Christmas” – you can check that out here!

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