Sweet story about Anna

Anna drew this picture of us for me.

Just didn’t want to lose this sweet story I posted on FB:

Here’s your “sweetest thing!” post for the day.

Anna is still afraid to go to bed alone, so I’ve always sat with her until she falls asleep. She gets very chatty at this time which I enjoy, but a couple nights ago it was just going on forever. I finally told her she had to stop talking and go to sleep.

A: Okay, mama. (Silence for 10 seconds.) This is so hard!
J: I know, but you have to sleep, hon.
A: Okay, mama. (Silence for 5 seconds.) But I really like to talk!
J: I know sweetie, and I love talking to you, but you will be so tired at school. You really need to sleep now.
A: Okay, mama. (Pause.) But there is a lot to say!
J: Okay, hon, let’s do this. Think about all the things you want to tell me and pick the most important one that you really, really want me to know about and tell me that one. Then you can tell me the rest tomorrow. Deal?
A: Deal. Okay, I’m thinking. (Humming, thinking.) I got it! I love you, mama. So, so much. Okay, good night!

Cue my heart melting. I love that girl.

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