Closing up 2021-2022 School Year

Dumpling party! See, we really do what we show in the kids’ book. 🙂

View from a Virtual Author Visit

One of the groups at Lake Elementary School.

Speaking at the RiseUp Conference.

Some of the amazing students at George Washington Elementary with the incredibly kind signs they made for me to welcome me to their school!

Sound check at LifeGate Church before speaking at the services.

Author Visit at Paulding Elementary, such a sweet group!

Author Visit at Van Wert Elementary.

Answering questions from some of the students.

Author Visit at Madeira ELementary.

This year has just been a whirlwind, and it continues the craziness that has been the last couple of years now. This blog post is just an overview of my last five months as things were so busy and I want this for historical purposes.

Jan. 5 – Live on WBGL Chicago.
Jan. 14 – Virtual Author Visit at Rootstown Elementary. The Omicron variant of Covid has had a major uptick, so all non-virtual events have started cancelling and rescheduling which has become almost familiar at this point.
Jan. 23 – Church event rescheduled
Jan. 25 – Virtual Author Visit at Buckeye Valley East.
Jan. 26 – Rescheduled Author Visit at Winchester Trail Elementary.
Jan. 27 – Cancelled Author Visit at Mt. Healthy North Elementary.
Feb. 1 – Author Visit (in person!) at Dohron Wilson Elementary, followed by another Author Visit at the local public library.
Feb. 2 – Cancelled Author Visit at Garfield Elementary.
Feb. 11-12 – Women’s conference in Chicago rescheduled to 2023.
Feb. 27 – Author Visit at Northwest United Methodist Church.
Mar. 2 – Author Visit at Genoa Christian Academy.
Mar. 3 – Cancelled Author Visit at Winchester Trail Elementary.
Mar. 4 – Author Visit at Lake Elementary.
Mar. 8 – Author visit at Mound Elementary in the morning and Bear Elementary in the afternoon.
Mar. 9 – Author visit at Medlar View Elementary in the morning, and Bauer Elementary in the afternoon.
Mar. 10 – Author visit at Kinder Elementary.
Mar. 19 – Speaking for the Rise Up Conference in Logan, OH, with Barb Roose. Such a wonderful day and team putting this conference together! It was wonderful to finally be with them – this was actually the first event I had to cancel for Covid, and it ended up being rescheduled for two years before we finally had it here.
Apr. 1 – Author Visit at New Miami Elementary.
Apr. 4 – Author Visit at Bundy Elementary in the morning and Wellston Intermediate in the afternoon.
Apr. 7 – Author Visit at Taft Elementary in the morning and George Washington Elementary in the afternoon.
Apr. 9 – Speaking for Liberty Presbyterian’s Women’s Day. This was such a fun day!! They haven’t been able to have it for over two years, and they were so excited to be back together. I was speaking on “U-Turn: Trusting God When Life Changes Direction.” Loved the team here.
Apr. 13 – Virtual Author Visit for Lewis Elementary.
Apr. 20 – Taping for the #MomLife Podcast with Cynthia Blase in California. What a fun podcast! I felt like I made a new best friend. We talked about adoption, parenting, special needs, faith, and all the things.
Apr. 25 – Author Visit at Seneca East Elementary.
Apr. 25 – Author Visit at Grindstone Elementary.
Apr. 26 – Author Visit at Lowellville Elementary.
Apr. 27 – Author Visit at Mckinley Elementary.
Apr. 28-29 – Speaking for a women’s retreat in Amish Country for Marysville Grace Church. What a wonderful and refreshing weekend! I spoke on Esther which I absolutely love, but I was especially touched by the love these women obviously had for each other, it was beautiful.
May 3 – Author Visit at Hopewell-Loudon Elementary in the morning and Riverdale Elementary in the afternoon.
May 6 – Author Visit at Cedarville Elementary.
May 7 – Women’s Mother’s Day Brunch at LifeGate Church in Logansport, IN. This was a really lovely church, and an event that got pushed off for 2 years, so I was so happy to finally have it be able to happen!
May 8 – Speaking for the worship services at LifeGate for Mother’s Day. It’s always a little challenging to speak for Mother’s Day because it means so many different things to so many people and it can be a painful or challenging day for many, but this church was a blessing, and I’m really glad I was able to be with them!
May 9 – Author Visit at Paulding Elementary in the morning and Van Wert Elementary in the afternoon.
May 10 – Author Visit at Lakeville Elementary.
May 11 – Virtual Author Visit at Porter Lakes Elementary in the morning and Lewis Elementary in the afternoon.
May 12 – Author Visit at Toll Gate Elementary.
May 18 – Author Visit at Madeira Elementary.

Putting that all down is actually wild – I had no idea I had that many events! Anyway, it was absolutely a joy to be with so many students this spring, so many incredible questions and wonderful curiosity, and it was so amazing for me to talk to so many kiddos who saw themselves represented in our book. I absolutely loved it.

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