Young Life at the Zoo

Today I went to sing for the finish of the 5K Young Life race at the zoo to help kids raise money for their camp trips. I was last on the line-up – first Chris Graham, then Ryan Wilkins, then me. Holy cow, it was the coldest day I can remember for this time of year in forever! It was 85 degrees yesterday! The stage was right on the water and the wind was totally whipping through there. Chris and Ryan both play the guitar and were having a hard time feeling their fingers. I was not sure how I was going to play the piano, and stuff kept flying through the space with all the wind.

The runners and walkers were troopers and everyone finished, but there was not a lot of celebrating at the end. Mostly people ran for the snacks since they were inside! We were all trying to decide if it was even worth setting up because we didn’t think people would stick around. In the end, I just decided to start a dance party for Ryan and we called it a day. 🙂 Seemed the better part of valor, and hey, the dancing kept us warm!

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