Seminar at Xenos Institute

mom and Bev

My mom and Bev with my dad on the screen

seminar at Xenos

The seminar at Xenos

My mom does a seminar on faith in hard times called “Life in the Valley” based on my parent’s book, No One Tells a Dying Guy to Shut Up. She does it with Bev Delashmutt, who was one of her editing partners, and is one of the leaders at Xenos here in Columbus.

My mom did the seminar this week, and I went to hear her and close it with a song. It’s such a powerful seminar – they use the Bible, the book, and video of my dad’s speaking before he died.

I was pretty unprepared for how hard it would be for me. We had Dad’s funeral at Xenos, and the room where we had the seminar was the same room we had used for calling hours. I hadn’t been there since my dad died, and it really hit me. The videos are also really hard for me to watch. He was just incredible, and I miss him a lot. It was so good to see God using it, though. Dad would love that. And I’m so proud of my mom.

You can see some of my dad’s videos on my media page if you’re interested – he was pretty awesome.

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