Auditioning for the Bengals

Bengals tunnel

Players tunnel onto the field

Bengals field

Bengals field

Bengals player

The players came out for practice while we were on the field

Today I drove down to Cincinnati with LeAnne to audition for the national anthem at a Bengals game. We had a great time on the drive, and when we got there, it was fun to go through the tunnel they use for the team at the games. A little surreal to walk out on the field (very springy, by the way), and when I tried to sing, it was really hard because the delay was more than a full second. I couldn’t hear myself at all – just the delay so that was really distracting, but I thought I did a good job.

When I finished, people cheered which surprised me since I thought it was just me, LeAnne, and the person doing the audition, but no, the whole team had come out while I was singing to practice. Call me observant! It was really loud, but I’m still surprised I didn’t notice. That was fun too. Short, but very cool.

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