First Day of Adventure Week

Bad Bart takes the store

Bad Bart!!

Sheriff and Lilly

Sheriff Taco Bill and Miss Lilly

Bart meets Jesus

Bad Bart becomes Good Bart

We had our first day of Adventure Week today, and there were record numbers for us – we maxed out on the first day. I’m really excited about how the Lord is going to move this week, and so grateful that He’s given us this many kids!!

Every year we do a play that I write with my playwrite partner, Terry Rippl. This year we’re in the Old West learning to Go With Jesus! My cast has been fantastic – just a joy to work with. It’s so fun to watch the kids respond too – they think they are rock stars, all asking for autographs. Some of the kids are really worried about Bad Bart, but other than that, it’s going fine. And we just tell them – we trust in Jesus!

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