Fall catch up

Many of you have been asking how my appearance on the Canadian television show, 100 Huntley Street went. We are still working on getting it up here on the site – it’s a very long segment – but I’m happy to report that it went really well, and thank you for praying for me! I was quite nervous that morning, and I never get nervous! But the Lord is good, and He calmed me down before the segment. By the time I got to makeup, I was feeling good, and the people on the show were just wonderful. It was very obvious to me that they are so sincere in their desire to see people come to Christ. That was such a blessing to me! I did two songs and a fifteen minute or so interview, and we’ll probably have that up here in the next couple of weeks.

In other news, we’ve been booking a lot lately, the Florida tour in January, many women’s speaking and singing events and Christmas shows, concerts, it’s been so fun to see the Lord opening many doors for us. I also have a new single out right now in the US, “Hands to the Sky”, and would love for you to call your local station and ask for it! In Canada, we have two singles out to stations right now – “Flowers of the Field” and “Hands to the Sky”.

I did two retreats this week up in Michigan, and also did guest worship at a church there, and am still so struck by the beauty of God’s people. We met incredible people who just love our Lord. I am so, so grateful to be in this family!

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