Here and there and everywhere

With the Japanese missionaries at Faith Covenant in Detroit

Incredible South Carolina beaches - we love you!

The Angel Oak - said to be the oldest living thing East of the Mississippi

Leading worship at UALC's XALT services

Sorry it’s been a while since posting – I’ve been traveling here there and everywhere, and took a trip with my family in between – had a great time.

First we all went up to Michigan to visit my husband’s family and let the kids have a few days with their grandparents. Then Nathan and I went back down to Faith Covenant in the Detroit area and I did the worship on their services in the morning. I’ve been there several times, and it’s always a joy to be with them! We also got to meet some new missionaries who have come to Detroit from Japan to minister to the large Japanese speaking population working in Detroit. Then home again and a surprisingly busy couple of days without kids (what would it have been like if they were home?!), a few interviews, and I drove back up to get them.

One day home and we left for a really great family vacation in South Carolina. We have been so extremely busy this summer, we really needed the down time and time to just be a family. It was a great mix of doing fun stuff and doing nothing, the best kind.

The day after we got home I sat in with the worship band and did some special music on the services at Upper Arlington Lutheran’s XALT services in Columbus. I’ll be doing a concert there next weekend to benefit Columbus Young Life, so it was great to raise awareness for that benefit, and fun to do something in my own home town!

Then straight into the start of school. Why does the summer go so fast? I love my kiddos and it always seems to fly by. It was a good end to the summer, but I wish it weren’t over so fast!

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