New Jersey and Ohio

The new building for Living Waters Church

On the morning show with Scott Young at WTGN

Prayer at Union Chapel Church in Lima

This past weekend I got to go to New Jersey and sing at my uncle’s church. They were celebrating the official opening of their new building, and it’s beautiful. It was great for me because I don’t get to see that part of the family very often, so combining singing with family time is great. Also, I got to see a couple of my cousins, and that was wonderful. Please pray for my cousin, Amy, who is fighting breast cancer. She’s amazing, and it’s hard to see her struggling and to see her kids trying to understand it.

I got home in time to lead worship on Sunday, and then Monday I went to Lima, OH about 2 hours northwest of here to do a conference and some stuff at the radio station WTGN.

I really like Lima, I have to say. Everyone I meet there is just so genuine. Union Chapel Missionary Church was having a conference for three nights in a row, and I did the special music on Monday and Tuesday. The speaker, Mike Wingfield, was really compelling, and I was touched by the whole thing. This is not a large church, but they were packed out night after night, and people were just excited to receive the Word. It was a great time!

On Tuesday morning in between I got to hang out at WTGN quite a bit. I sat in on the morning show (the only bummer – how do these people wake up for this every day!? It was a good thing for me that no one cared how I looked on the radio!) with Scott and Bob and recorded a few things for later. I also got to go and meet the director of Teens for Christ – they are doing amazing work – and then I had dinner with the pastor of Union Chapel and his wife. They were lovely. Altogether a great trip. I’m headed back to Lima next month, so I’m looking forward to seeing some of them again!

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