Worship Workshop Update and Radio Tour Planned

I’m looking forward to the worship workshop this weekend. Let me know if you’re coming – helps with the planning. You can comment here, or email us at info@jennifershaw.com. There’s more info below on a previous blog post, but it’s this Sunday in Columbus, OH from 2-5 – see you there!

It’s official – I’m also planning a radio and concert tour next month through WI, MN, and IA. Let me know if there are any opportunities for ministry you think I should know about there! I’ll fill you in as things get finalized, but I am especially looking forward to getting to go to some of the stations out there who have really supported me over the years. It’s so great to put a face to the names.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that I’m going to have to cancel the last Worship Workshop because it was scheduled right in the middle of this tour before I knew I was going. So sorry if you meant to come to that one! I may do some more in the spring if I can fit them in.

And, if you’re in the AL, GA area, I just taped an interview for Faith Broadcasting Network for their show, “The Meeting House” and it will air next Monday – don’t forget to tune in! You can click here for times and stations, etc. October is Sensory Awareness Month, so the interview was about music, but also about my son, Toby, and his struggles with Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Let me know what you think!

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