On the road again…

With Suzanne at KLMP/WNLI

Beautiful Sturgeon Bay, WI

With Chuck and Phil at KCFB/KTIG

The Journey Church where we had the concert Friday night

I’m doing a little radio and ministry tour in WI, MN, and IA this month and my mom and I started our Northern Expedition this past Wednesday driving about 10 hours up through Chicago and Milwaukee to Sturgeon Bay, WI. It’s right on Lake Michigan and it’s beautiful. I was visiting Suzanne Happs at KLMP/WNLI, and we had a great time meeting the other people at the station and hearing about their ministry. We especially enjoyed hearing about all their connections to ministry overseas – really impressive. Loved getting to see this part of the country too.

After the meeting we took off and drove another 8 hours or so to Nisswa, MN, and I got up early to be on the Rise and Shine morning show on KCFB/KTIG with Phil and Chuck. After the show they gave me a tour and it was such a pleasure to meet everyone at the station! They’ve been playing my music for a long time, and I so appreciate their support and their hearts for Christ!

That night I gave a concert at The Journey Church in Nisswa, and it was such a fun night. The church is very non-traditional with half the seating in the sanctuary consisting of couches with end-tables and lamps to make you feel at home. The pastor was so kind to us, and after the show we went out for pizza with him and Chuck and his wife and a lovely woman named Bunny who I was so happy to meet. And we had ligonberries on our pizza which wasn’t as bad as it sounds 🙂 just so we would remember we were up north, don’t ya know.

Today I’m catching up and then we’re driving down to St. Paul. It started snowing, and I think they’re getting quite a bit down in that area, so we’re going to go slow. So crazy – I’m feeling like such a wimp from Ohio, but we never get snow before December, and usually not until January. Our eight weeks of winter are looking pretty easy compared to this up here.

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  1. Bunny says:

    I love reading about your adventures. It really was a treat to get to know you a little bit and see how free you are in your worship. Someday I have a story I’d like to share with you about your song “God Loved the World”… and let you know how it has made a difference in my life. Not one I can post publicly though. I know you are on the run, but I hope your holiday season is at a pace you can stop and enjoy your homelife a little more.
    Thanks for sharing the pizza and allowing me to join you. You and your mom are in my prayers continually.
    Faithfully His,
    Bunny…… Pequot Lakes, MN

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