And yes, I survived

Mom in front of Modern Cafe - we just liked the irony. 🙂

With David McIver and Matt Brown at KNOF

Ho, ho, ho, he looks really cold.

Getting ready for the live worship show at KJLY

With Beth Crosby and Steve Ware at KJLY

Wednesday we went up to have lunch at another DDD place – Modern Cafe which was very retro which made me laugh. Then we stopped by KNOF at North Central University right in the heart of the Twin Cities. We got a tour from Matt Brown, recorded a few short interview segments and heard a lot about their ministry. It’s so fun to see the energy from this campus and their ministry growing here in central Minnesota.

When we left, I knew I couldn’t avoid it any longer – The Mall of America. My mom has never been there (I haven’t either for that matter, but I hate shopping and she, well, doesn’t – we’ll put it that way) and she needed to go. We went for the afternoon and the highlight for me was riding the flume (really cute) and getting a pedicure because I’m leaving this frozen climate for places south where someone may actually see my toes. I survived and I can say I’m glad we went, although I personally was much more excited about the IKEA across the street. 🙂

The next morning we got up and drove down to Blue Earth, MN. I have since learned that it’s called Blue Earth because the earth is so black, it’s blue. Who knew? When we got off the exit, we saw something amazing! A 60 foot tall giant steel Jolly Green Giant! I suspect they may do something here in Blue Earth. And I have learned two things about him that I didn’t know before. One, he looks really cold in that outfit in the snow (apparently he will get a giant scarf in December) and two, he really needs another layer of leaves on that skirt. Little risque if you ask me, and poor guy, everyone’s looking up.

We went to KJLY which is the main station for a network covering southern MN and northern IA. We spent the last day of their sharathon with them and what an awesome group of people! There were tons of people there, either station people, or volunteers running the sharathon. They even have a room dedicated to prayer and had a volunteer up there praying for requests and the station the whole time. Very cool.

I sat in a couple times on air that afternoon and even spent some time taking phone calls for the sharathon. It was so cool to see God meet their needs – they literally went over their goal in the last couple of minutes of the sharathon. When it was over, I led about 45 minutes of live worship music on air to celebrate and praise God. Loved my time with them, and hope I’ll be back soon!

Mom and I ran away after that. We were going to lose an hour with the time difference, and we had to get all the way home Friday (12 hours without stops) because I’m flying out tomorrow morning to sing in Florida on Sunday. We got in tonight with only a few complications and we’re both exhausted. Repacking and flying out in the morning. We had such a great time seeing all the ways God has been moving, I was almost sorry to be done. But the weather should be a nice change!

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