Home again, and what a ride!

Well, I got home from Florida last night, but it sure wasn’t easy!

I sang on the morning services at First Church of God in Vero Beach, and also got to sing with the kids in their program and do some of my scripture songs. And yes, I can still do all the motions, even in 3 inch heels and a jacket! I am woman, hear me roar! (And then, please, please, let me out of these heels – it’s just vanity to try to appear remotely tall for 3 days in a row. Note to self – accept that you’re short.)

One sweet story from the morning: I work with World Vision, and had the picture folders on my table. A woman came to the table, and just snatched up one of the children named Christian. She told me she’d seen him at the retreat, and felt she was supposed to sponsor him, but she let it go, and decided to just take a brochure and think about it. Well, apparently she went home and dreamed about him all night long – she said she was sure she was supposed to have him, and thought she’d missed her chance. She didn’t know I was singing on the services as well. She was so happy he was still there! It was so sweet, and that’s exactly how I’ve felt when we’ve sponsored kids – God just knows who you’re supposed to have. 🙂 If you’re thinking of sponsoring, please don’t hesitate. These kids need the help so desperately, and you will never regret it – it’s wonderful. You can do that right off my homepage.

Okay, so the service was longer than I expected and we talked to people, and I was staying with wonderful friends who I love in Vero Beach and we went out to lunch, and the long and short of that is that I left later than I wanted to, but still thought I had plenty of time. Well, there was construction on 95, then an accident. Then I couldn’t find a gas station anywhere near the airport, and had to drive 10 miles out of my way to fill up the rental car. By the time I got to the airport, I knew I was going to have to pay extra on the car, and I didn’t have time to drop my luggage first, so I went straight the rental car return.

I also had an extra case of CDs I was trying to get home, so I basically had to repack everything in the garage at National. That was fine, though – the line was so long to return, I’d repacked everything before anyone came to check me out. Now I was getting worried about making my flight.

Guess what? That rental car return is as far as it can possibly be from the airline check in I needed. Great. And now I have two huge suitcases, a case of CDs and a 40 pound briefcase bag, jacket and purse. And all the carts are gone because it’s spring break in Florida, and I’m late for my flight. Things are going well.

I dragged all my stuff for miles, and when I got to the airline, the line was so long, I knew I’d miss my plane. I decided to go out and try curbside check. I got outside, and literally my arms stopped working. I dropped the case off the rolling suitcase twice before I gave up. I left if where it fell, and dragged my suitcases to the end of a ridiculous line (and yes, going the opposite way from me, of course) and hoped no one would think it was a “suspicious package” and confiscate it. I ran back to get it and left my bags in line. By the time I got back, the line had moved around them, but I must have looked really pathetic, because the man who was in front of me let me back in the line.

I checked in, got rid of the massive luggage, although I still had one roll-one and the briefcase and my jacket and purse (!!), and started running for security. I want to go on record as saying that I pack maybe one square foot of clothing for myself, and everything else is for the gig – aargh!

Got through security, ran for the gate, got a boarding pass (I was too late to get that when I checked in) – yea! I made it! I was super hot, and literally shaking from hauling that stuff all over the world. And yes, I was the 3rd to the last one on the plane.

Well, I prayed on the way down the aisle that God would tell me who to sit next to. There were only a few seats left toward the back, and I ended up having an awesome conversation with a woman on the plane. If you read this – I’m praying for you. 🙂

I was struck by the fact that if all that hadn’t happened, I would never have sat next to her, so God knows what He’s doing, even when I’m throwing boxes of CDs on the ground at Orlando International airport.

And, yes, pathetically enough, I’m super sore today. Guess I need to do some more weightlifting if I plan to get myself to the airport alone on a regular basis! 🙂

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  1. Fanny Cheung says:

    Love your story about the plane ride. It’s just amazing how God always has a plan for us.

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