Incredible weekend

Christ Community Chapel

They have a beautiful church.

The women getting their Spring Fling on!

Tyrone Covenant Presbyterian

Speaking at the luncheon

It was a great time!

This past weekend was really busy, but just wonderful. Nathan and I drove up on Friday for an event called Spring Fling at Christ Community Chapel in Hudson, OH. It was especially fun for me because I have a number of friends up there and several of them were able to come. My “handler” for the event was even an old family friend so it was just fun. The only problem was that it was sold out (a good problem to have!) quite a bit in advance so not everyone was able to get tickets.

It started with a beautiful dinner and then I did about an hour presentation of stories, testimony and songs. We’ve had a wonderful response and absolutely saw God using it, so it was a wonderful night.

After the program, Nathan and I packed up and drove about 2 hours to spend the night in Toledo just to get part of the way toward the next event. In the morning we drove the other hour and a half to Fenton for the ladies spring event at Tyrone Covenant Presbyterian. This was also special to us because Nathan’s brother and his wife go to this church and several of Nathan’s family members came.

We had a lunch and I did the program afterwards. Everyone at this church has been so warm, and both churches were so specific about presenting the Gospel and wanting this to really be an outreach event – it was just a pleasure to work with both of them, and I hope I get to work with them again in the future!

After the luncheon we went back to Nathan’s brother’s house for a surprise retirement celebration for his mom who was a college Spanish teacher. Don Quixote cake and everything. It was so great to hang out and see our little nieces and nephews too!

We headed home, discovering a very delicious Mediterranean place in Ann Arbor on the way and collapsed so that we could lead worship this morning. Craziness, but so many blessings, and I would do it again in a heartbeat! God is so good!

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