WXML and Youth

With Jon and Dan at WXML

With Dan and Bill at WXML

This week was an interesting one. On Sunday night, I did the message for our senior high youth group – our youth pastor’s out of town this week, and he asked me to come and do it. Then this morning I did a station visit at WXML which is only about an hour from my house and covers about a third of the state of Ohio, which is amazing, actually. Then tonight I spoke at the junior high youth group.

Senior high brought back so many memories for me of working with Young Life in New York. I have to hand it to these young men and women who are trying to live for Christ in their world – it’s not easy.

Had a great time at WXML with Jon and Bill and Dan and everyone else at the station. What an incredibly warm and friendly bunch of people – I could just hear their passion for the ministry and the Gospel in everything they said. It was just a pleasure to be with them!

Got back in time to speak to the junior high youth and wow, do they have a ton of energy! I really did have a blast with them, and they were so responsive to the message. So many of the kids are in hard situations, and they are so beautiful and valued by the Lord, I pray that they will know it!

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